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    How to Submit a Support Request

    Click on the My Tickets link at the top of the page. To help us answer you more quickly please provide as much information as you can.
    • MEANINGFUL TITLE for your ticket (not just your company name, or "Help!")
    • please ATTACH the files that are not working - PYTHA files are the most useful
    • a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of what's troubling you
    • SCREEN SHOTS of specific areas of interest
     Handy hint: Subject line "Trouble with Export to CAM" is more useful than subject line "Help"!

      Lunch and Learn

      The Lunch and Learn program helps busy PYTHA users improve their skills in digestible 30-minute sessions. Each fortnight, we'll invite you to bring your lunch to your laptop and join us in the Zoom Room. Our tech team will take turns at tackling various PYTHA tools and processes, and share their top tips and tricks for efficient and accurate drafting. 

      Selecting Materials and Assisted Nesting in AlphaCAM
      Wednesday 3rd July AEST

      Grain Matching and Assisted Nesting in AlphaCAM
      Wednesday 10th July AEST

      Utilising New Features Available Now in V25
      Wednesday 24th July AEST

      Click the zoom link above to log in at meeting time.

      Lunch and Learn Archive
      For previous sessions, check out the Archive, or search the Knowledge Base for a topic.

        Current, tested PYTHA .exe

        To download the most current PYTHA V25 .exe that has been tested by our Tech Team:

        Click here to check and download the latest PYTHA 25 .exe
        Click here to check and download the final PYTHA 24 .exe
        Click here to check and download the final PYTHA 23 .exe


          My3DShop Library downloads

          My 3D Shop has an ever-growing list of libraries carefully curated to suit manufacturers and designers. Collections include standard cabinets, finger pull cabinets, fixtures and fittings, styling items and much more. New items are added daily, so check back often!

          **Bonus for Pytha Partners TSA Customers**

          As an existing Pytha Partners Technical Support Agreement (TSA) customer, you have complimentary access to these My 3D Shop libraries**. Simply click here and you’ll be redirected to your no-cost library items. Once you've loaded up your cart go to the checkout where your discount will be applied.

          **Note: Minosa Libraries and Online Training modules are not included as part of your TSA. 


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