Correctly applying Pen 20 to your PYTHA model for Analyzer

Correctly applying Pen 20 to your PYTHA model for Analyzer

When exporting from PYTHA to Analyzer, it is important to ensure that your model has Pen 20 applied to all parts. This helps Analyzer to correctly orientate parts and ensure correct machining is applied. The following list details which edge should have Pen 20 applied, depending on Part Name. 

Note: When exporting from PYTHA 24 & 25 Workshop > Processing > Directions > Grain Direction should be assigned instead of Pen 20.

  • End LH
  • End RH
  • Hinge Panel
  • Hinge Post
  • Division
  • DivisionRT
  • Back
  • Door LH
  • Door RH
  • DF
  • Fixed Panel

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • CR Front
  • CR Back
  • Adj Shelf
  • Fixed Shelf
  • DBottom
  • DBack
  • DFront
  • DSide
  • Bench Top

  • Machine Block (applying Pen 20 to Machine Blocks ensures correct positioning of machining in Analyzer)

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