Label images not being created correctly with PYTHA Workshop

Label images not being created correctly with PYTHA Workshop

Due to deficiencies in the way Windows allocates memory usage for graphics processing sometimes PYTHA 23 is unable to generate label images correctly. This occurs when a large number of parts (over 240) are exported at the same time. Affected images will appear like this:


To ensure your label images can be generated correctly for large jobs please follow these steps:
  • Save your PYTHA model
  • Close ALL open PYTHA windows
  • Reopen PYTHA
  • Reopen your PYTHA model
  • Select a portion of the parts (fewer than 240) and export as normal
  • Close PYTHA
  • Reopen PYTHA
  • Reopen your PYTHA model
  • Select the next portion of the parts (fewer than 240) and export, ensuring the export path is changed to avoid overwriting the first export
  • Repeat until all parts have been exported

NOTE: This issue is cumulative - It will also be necessary to close and reopen PYTHA if a number of separate smaller jobs have been exported. This allows Windows to refresh the memory allocated to graphics processing.

This issue has been resolved in PYTHA 24.
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