Copy your PYTHA settings between computers

Copy your PYTHA settings between computers

PYTHA makes it easy for you to ensure all your PYTHA users are working with the same settings. The following outlines how to transfer PYTHA settings from one computer to another.
  1. Open Windows File Explorer on the computer you wish to copy settings from
  2. Type %appdata% into the address field
  1. Copy the entire PYTHAXX.0 folder for the version of PYTHA settings you want to transfer to a server location or external drive - this is your master folder
  1. Open Windows File Explorer on the computer you wish to copy settings to
  2. Type %appdata% into the address field
  3. Copy the entire PYTHAXX.0 master folder from its save location, replacing the existing folder in %appdata% on this second computer
Note: If you think you might need something from the existing setup on the second computer, rename the existing PYTHAXX.0 folder before copying in the master folder.
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